We are an independent investment management firm established in 2010, although the genesis of our team and what we do dates back to the early 1990's. We specialise in managing active equity strategies ranging from long-only to long-short and market neutral strategies across Australia, Asia and global equity markets.‎ Our team of experienced investment professionals each have, on average, over 25 years experience in investment management. 

The business has been built with a focus on 3 key areas: investment performance, client relationships and risk management.  We are committed to keeping the business to a manageable size and ensuring long term alignment of interest with our clients.

Why Vinva - the snapshot

  • Proven investment philosophy
  • Experienced team with deep local market connections
  • Proven track record
  • Leading-edge investment technology platform
  • Enduring business commitment and strong alignment with clients






Vinva was formed in July 2010 and is 100% privately owned.  The Vinva Investment Management logo is derived from the expression for constructing an optimal unconstrained long short portfolio.

Alpha (A) supported by the management of investment Risk (V) which is at the heart of the way we manage our clients' assets and constructing their portfolios.


Vinva currently offers five registered investment schemes for investors and, in addition, tailors mandate solutions for larger clients.

Our range of capabilities is shown here in the chart. For more information on the schemes currently offered, please contact us on 02 82984700 or contact us via the Connect page.

Vinva has senior and experienced professionals across the business with strong insight and views that will contribute to a common culture and a diversity of ideas. We believe "culture" is an integral part of the firm's success and any new talent must have the right attitude, intellect and passion. Being a private employee-owned firm, we view employee equity ownership as something that needs to be broad based. It is this combination of culture and ownership that has allowed us to have a deep, talented and well-resourced firm, where everyone shares a common goal, which is to exceed client expectations. 


Vinva’s team of investment professionals each have, on average, over 20 years experience in managing equity portfolios. Our highly regarded research approach is based locally which allows us to tailor and develop ideas specifically for global equity markets using both local and global information. We believe that skilled active managers must continually innovate to sustain an edge over other investors. 

Our business is well resourced, ensuring our investment professionals are focused on generating investment performance, free from other business distractions. By combining skilled and experienced investment professionals who have a deep connection to the local market, with advanced technology, we can efficiently process information in a disciplined and systematic manner. This ensures our investment process is well positioned to deliver consistent investment outperformance (alpha) over time.

Nick Burt

Head Portfolio Manager
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