“Our goal is to generate investment outperformance that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations”

Vinva Investment Management Limited (Vinva) is a global investment management firm based in Australia. We specialise in managing active equity strategies including long-only and long-short strategies across Australia and global equity markets for institutional and wholesale clients. We are one of Australia’s most reputable and trusted investment managers.

Vinva is privately owned and entirely focused on delivering investment performance to our clients. We started in July 2010, although, our history dates back to the 1990’s. We have a proven team and investment approach that has delivered consistent outperformance across global markets for three decades.

Vinva has an insight-driven systematic approach to investing. We share a common investment philosophy and the majority of our team has worked together for a long time with a proven long-term track record.  Alpha opportunities are identified by our proprietary investment process and experienced investment professionals.

Vinva is a world class investment management firm with a strong culture and a strong alignment of interest with clients. Our focus is in the three main areas necessary for success: investment management, client relationships and risk management.

People. Integrity. Passion. Insight.