Investment Approach

Capital markets are dynamic and there are multiple dimensions that investors need to take into account when building investment portfolios for clients. The quest for outperformance, by its nature, is a highly competitive pursuit and therefore investment innovation and continuous process improvement are essential to consistent long-term outperformance. We view our people as our most important asset – people provide investment insight, market knowledge and research.

At Vinva, our approach to investing involves having a deep understanding of how the capital markets process new information and then set prices for the different securities. We look to implement our proprietary investment ideas across many stocks and capture mispricing opportunities that may be under-researched or ignored by other market participants.

Key characteristics of our investment approach:

  • Skilled and experienced investment professionals with a deep understanding of equity markets
  • Insight-driven and disciplined investment process, with a premium given to investment sensibility
  • Strong emphasis on risk management, consistent and incremental after-tax value added
  • Detailed transaction cost forecasting and modelling embedded in the portfolio construction process
  • State-of-the-art systems and technology ensure efficient and timely use of information
  • Incorporating Environmental, Social, Governance and Workplace (ESGW) insights directly into our investment process
  • Dedication to on-going investment research and continual process improvement