About Vinva

We are an independent global investment management firm established in 2010, although the genesis of our team and what we do dates back to the early 1990’s. We specialise in managing active equity strategies including long-only and long-short strategies across Australia and global equity markets. Our team of experienced investment professionals have, on average, over 25 years’ experience in investment management.

The business has been built with a focus on 3 key areas: investment performance, client relationships and
risk management. We are committed to continuous innovation and delivering sustainable outperformance
to our clients.

Why Vinva - the snapshot

  • A privately owned business with a shared investment philosophy
  • A stable and experienced investment team
  • World class investment technology
  • Continuous investment in research and innovation
  • A commitment to Environmental, Social, Governance and Workplace [ESGW] factors
  • A proven long and consistent track record
  • Enduring business commitment and strong alignment with clients.