Vinva in the Community

In 2013, the Vinva Board established the Vinva Foundation, which is funded internally from profits. The Foundation supports various charities and initiatives which allow Vinva to contribute to the community, both locally and globally, with the objective of making a positive difference in society through:

  • Support for those less privileged/alleviate poverty/alleviate social injustice
  • Medical research
  • Improving educational opportunities for those in need
  • Providing educational support/scholarships for gifted students
  • Promoting improved health
  • Supporting industry initiatives consistent with Vinva principles e.g. gender diversity

Before supporting any project, the Foundation Board conducts due diligence to ensure that potential recipients are a good fit with the above guidelines, and have the capacity and capability to deliver on their objectives.

Since the establishment of the Foundation, Vinva has supported over 30 charitable projects, including providing numerous students with University Scholarships. Close to $3m has been allocated to the Foundation so far.

As an employer, Vinva also supports its employees in participating in charitable and volunteer work in the community.